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Juan Zafra, a BeWorker with a modern job.


This week we interview Juan who are in our office of  Coworking:

Who are you and what do you do?

I have one of these modern jobs that do not complete that my parents or my children understand. I work for KAE (kae.com), a consulting firm where we do research and studies strategic for companies related to the world of payments. Normally, I direct the projects and I am responsible for the Latin American region and Spain, although I also ingenuity to do research from time to time, which is always fun.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives: Left-handed, freckled and somewhat clueless. This count?

Malaga’s favorite corner:I still like to stroll through the center, the city is more beautiful every year and there is much to do. A quiet place, the beaches of Guadalmar.


Of all the places in the world that you have visited, which one did you like or surprised more? Why?: Travel, like any other experience, is usually conditioned by the people with whom They are sharing. I enjoyed a lot during a trip to Croatia that I did with my partner. I also have A very special love for Belgium, where I did my Erasmus year and I keep good friends.

Your favorite dish:

Nothing and nobody can compete with my mother’s lasagna.

A series or film that you would recommend to everyone: 

Two series that I especially liked are The Leftovers and Treme, I think both of HBO Then the typical ones of Breaking Bad, Soprano, The Wire, Game of Thrones… well, too! As for movies, I always had a predilection for The Son of the Bride.

A book you would recommend: The city of prodigies, by Eduardo Mendoza.

Your hobby: 

I enjoy many activities. We may be the generation of trying many things and delve into very few. I like fishing, riding a bike and motorcycle, playing football and paddle tennis, the technology, watch the athletics matches, etc. Although the time I dedicate to all this has been reduced in recent years because we have had a baby boom at home. We have two Children (2 and 4 years old) and a three month old dog with whom we had a great time, but also They keep us very busy.

Music that you listen to: : 

He goes for seasons and lately I listen to things that were previously closed. My older son He comes from school humming typical summer songs and in the end we end up putting them at home. I listen to a lot of music throughout the day, it helps me focus. Things I have put recently: Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, Kasabian, Devendra Banhart, Khruangbin, Rosalia (tra tra), Carolina During, Baby Beast, etc. My favorites were always Van Morrison and Oasis.

What can you tell us about your visit to our offices in Coworking Malaga? : 

There is a very good atmosphere, which even gives rise to activities outside the office (about few play football on Sundays). Jose and Alberto are always attentive and wanting to Improve our experience in coworking.

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Thank you very much for the interview Juan!



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