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General conditions of Beworking

The use of this website is guaranteed to users who have accepted the detailed rules below. Those users who do not accept these provisions are not authorized to make use of this web page.


This web page is property of BEWORKING OFFICES SL. with CIF nº B02678761 and address at C / Alejandro Dumas 17, 29004 Málaga, and Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Volume 5165, Sheet 172, Entry 1 with sheet n. MA-119193

For any question or proposal, contact us in the e-mail: hola@be-working.com

This web page is governed by the regulations exclusively applicable in Spain and in space that includes the European Union, being subject to it, both nationals and foreigners who use this Web.

Access to our website by the USER is free and is subject to prior reading and acceptance, expressly and without reservation of these GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE in force at the time of access, which we ask you to read carefully. The USER when using our portal, its contents or services, accepts and expressly submits to the general conditions of use of it. If the user does not agree with the present conditions of use, he / she must abstain from using this portal and operate through it.

At any time we can modify the presentation and configuration of our website, expand or reduce services, and even delete it from the network, as well as the services and content provided, all unilaterally and without prior notice.


All contents, texts, images, trademarks and source codes are owned by us or by third parties to whom their exploitation rights have been acquired, and are protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property rights.

The user only has the right to private use of the same, without profit, and needs express authorization to modify, reproduce, exploit, distribute or exercise any right belonging to the owner.


Access to our website is free and does not require prior subscription or registration.

The sending of personal data implies the express acceptance by the USER of our privacy policy, with the authorization of the respective check at the time of sending your data.

The user must access our website in accordance with good faith, the rules of public order and these General Conditions of use. Access to our website is made under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user, who will be liable in all cases for any damages that may be caused to third parties or to ourselves.

Taking into account the impossibility of control over the information, content and services contained in other web pages that can be accessed through the links that our website can make available, we inform you that we are exempt from any liability for damages of any kind that could derive from the use of these web pages, outside our company, by the user.

Protection of privacy
The protection of your personal data is the highest priority for BeWorking. Because safeguarding your privacy is fundamental for us, BeWorking works based on the following principles:
1. The processing of the registers is carried out observing scrupulously the current legislation on data protection. We expressly communicate it to you in case you need data about your person to identify you. The personal data are obtained, stored and transmitted with the sole purpose of processing your request.
2. The user will also receive, once expressly registered for this, information on everything related to offers and coworkings. BeWorking is authorized to select information from third parties to make it available to the user. In case you do not want to receive more information, either from third parties or from BeWorking, please do not hesitate to let us know about this circumstance.
3. If as a user you think that BeWorking has not complied with the agreement, let us know by sending an email to the following email address: hola@be-working.com. We will contact you and take all the necessary measures, in order to verify the communicated circumstances and to be able to locate and solve the problem in question as soon as possible.

Website use
This website is created exclusively for your private, non-commercial use. You may not modify, copy, market, exhibit, display, reproduce, publish or assign the license of the BeWorking website, nor download or sell copies of the same.
Each client must provide the data requested in the registration boxes.

Restriction of liability
BeWorking ensures that the information published on this website is as accurate as possible. BeWorking can not guarantee that the information is error-free. All information published on this website, software and services may contain typographical errors or inaccurate information. The information contained herein is subject to changes that occur on a regular basis. BeWorking and partner companies constantly make improvements and modifications to the website.
Both BeWorking and the companies that collaborate with it deny the existence of a lack of warranty or security, which may be derived from the information, software, products or services provided that appear on this website.
The liability that may be generated by BeWorking and / or the companies that collaborate with it is limited to liability for gross negligence or willful misconduct, unless fundamental contractual provisions are violated or the qualities that have been agreed upon are not violated. The liability for indebtedness will not be affected.
BeWorking and / or the companies that collaborate with it respond in case of slight imprudence, only for the common and foreseeable damages that could be caused by the normal use of the web page. This responsibility extends to the cases in which BeWorking or the partner company would have prevented the possibility of damages. The liability of BeWorking and / or the partner companies is limited, in each specific case, to the total amount of the business that generated the claim in question.

Sales partners and third-party pages
The third party pages and sales partners of BeWorking, have an exclusively commercial purpose. BeWorking has no control over the web pages of third parties, nor is it responsible for the content of the same. The inclusion of links to third party web pages does not imply acceptance of its content or the existence of a partnership with the company in question

Software available on this website
Each software, which can be downloaded from our website, is a property of BeWorking or of collaborating companies that is protected by the existing rules on intellectual property. The use of the software is subject to the conditions set forth in each license agreement that is included with or accompanying the software. The user is not authorized to install, copy or use any software, which is accompanied by a license agreement or contains it, if he has not accepted the terms of the license agreement.
For software without a license agreement, BeWorking authorizes you as a user, for exclusive purposes to visit the website and other uses, once you have accepted the conditions of use.
By installing, copying, or otherwise using the software, you agree to accept the provisions and conditions of the license in a binding manner.
Please note that all software, including all HTML codes – Active X controls and other codes contained in this web page, are owned by BeWorking and other partner companies, which is protected by the provisions of the Intellectual property law. The user may make copies of the software for the sole purpose of storing or archiving data in a secure manner. The user is not authorized to recover, decompress or disintegrate data by means of reverse engineering methods. The law expressly prohibits any reproduction or disclosure of software which may result in fines and criminal penalties.

Modifications of the conditions of use
BeWorking reserves the right to modify these conditions of use at any time. This right shall not change the existing conditions and provisions, which have been accepted.

General conditions

1. If any of the above provisions are invalid or invalid, the other provisions will not be invalid. The contract is still applicable. The nullity of the contract that has been subject to intermediation does not affect the brokerage contract itself.
2. Failure to comply with the conditions of use, or a well-founded suspicion of non-compliance, authorizes BeWorking to exclude the client when it deems appropriate of the use of the website or services offered through it.
3. This agreement establishes the relationship between BeWorking and the user through the website and replaces everything previously agreed or indicated, either by electronic means, by voice or in writing between the user and BeWorking.
4. The customer may only file claims in the courts of the domicile of this operator. For claims brought by this operator against a client the competent courts will be those of the client, unless the claim is directed against persons or entities that have their domicile for legal purposes abroad or at the time of the demand He did not have a known address. In these cases the competent courts will be those of the domicile of the operator

Terms and Conditions
1. Register

1.1 Each client must enter the requested data in the corresponding boxes. Your personal data are obtained, recorded and transmitted for the sole purpose of processing your request. Only natural persons over 18 years of age with full legal capacity, legal entities and commercial companies can register. BeWorking is authorized to deny a person their participation without explaining this decision, and may withdraw the authorization that had already been granted, also without the need to motivate this decision. Especially in the case of customers who have provided false information at registration, who have repeatedly breached the general conditions or when there is suspicion of abusive behavior.
1.2 Each client is authorized to withdraw at any time he deems appropriate. Customers who want to retract are advised to write down this. The obligations arising from previous contracts will not be affected.
1.3 BeWorking is not authorized to cancel the registration of clients – except in case of imminent danger without observing adequate notice. Customers who have been unsubscribed from BeWorking can not claim any repair from BeWorking. Contracts concluded prior to the cancellation of registration will not be affected. The cancellation will be communicated to the client in writing or by email.
2. Conclusion of the contract
2.1 The person performing the registration is responsible for the contractual obligations that he has personally contracted, as well as for the other persons included in the registry, provided he has accepted these obligations by means of an express declaration.
2.2 If the confirmation of the benefit differs from the corresponding description in https://www.be-working.com, this will be considered a new offer of BeWorking that the client can expressly accept by means of a written declaration, through the initial payment or Final payment, or through the completion of the stay.
3. Payment conditions
3.1 With the conclusion of the contract a monthly payment must be made.
3.2 You can choose between the following modalities:
A. Wire transfer
B. Credit / debit card (via secure connection; charge during booking process)
C. Through the PayPal platform.
D. Payments over the phone.
The remaining amount of the payment must be paid by the customer in cash or by the methods indicated above.
4. Performance and price
4.1 The benefit to BeWorking arising from the contract includes the delivery of the workstation / meeting room agreed in the form and with the equipment that appears from our offer according to the description and the corresponding indications and clarifications thereon collected on the Internet , As well as additional provisions and agreements.
4.2 Notwithstanding any obligations of information, warning and good use, the circumstances that are not directly related to the rental of jobs and the corresponding services or benefits are not part of BeWorking’s contractual obligations.
4.3 BeWorking strives to meet the special requests of customers within their means.
4.4 Third parties are not authorized, without BeWorking’s prior written consent, to make concessions or make decisions on their own.
5. Changes in performance and price
5.1 Modifications or differences of specific benefits with respect to those agreed in the contract of stay, occurring after the conclusion of the contract and that were not caused by BeWorking in bad faith, will only be allowed when they are not considerable and do not affect To the overall content of the job. Any warranty claims remain intact, as long as the modified performance is defective.
5.2 The data of the contents in Internet in general are binding for BeWorking, as long as they have been integral part of the contract. BeWorking reserves expressly, for important reasons, objectively and unpredictably justified before the conclusion of the contract, the right to explain the reasons for a modification of the data that appear on the Internet, informing the client before making the reservation.
5.3 BeWorking reserves the right to change the price indicated, in case of a change in the currency exchange rate, or in case of a change in the amount of taxes or fees, in the amount in which they affect the price of the job. In that case BeWorking will inform the customer immediately.
5.4 If the price is increased by more than 5%, or if fundamental benefits are modified, the customer may withdraw from the contract at no cost. The customer is obliged to assert this right to BeWorking immediately after having received the corresponding notification
6. Special obligations of the client, deposit
6.1 Domestic animals are not allowed.
6.2 The person in charge of handing over the keys to the office may request the payment of an adequate bond. The deposit will be returned as long as the keys are returned.
7. Annulment
7.1 The customer can cancel the contract at any time.
8. Cancellation and termination of contract by BeWorking
BeWorking can cancel the contract before the arrival of the coworker or terminate the contract once initiated:
8.1 Without being subject to any deadline, in cases where the client or his / her companions make the work environment impossible, causing serious inconvenience and endangering others with their behavior, or acting in a totally contrary to contractually established, will be The immediate termination of the contract is justified.
9. Obligations and rights of the client
9.1 The client is obliged to communicate immediately the defects discovered to the person in charge, to claim the necessary assistance. Failure to report such deficiencies during the stay in the office, the client loses the right to claim later, unless he can demonstrate that this omission was not his fault. In the event that the deficiencies can not be remedied or can not be satisfactorily rectified at the time, this fact must be communicated exclusively to BeWorking.
9.2 In the event of any pre-existing damages that BeWorking must respond to under the contract, you are authorized to terminate the contract unilaterally. The resolution of the contract for this reason requires that the customer has previously denounced the facts and requested that the defects be remedied, by setting a deadline according to the legal provisions, unless the terms are dispensable.
9.3 You are obliged to submit the economic claims arising from the contract within one month from the end of the stay and you can exclusively assert your claims against BeWorking. At the end of this period, he can only assert his claims in case of being prevented from enforcing them within the time limit, without any fault on his part.
10. Scope of liability, position of the contact person
10.1 BeWorking’s contractual liability in respect of compensation for non-personal damages is limited to three times the total price, as long as there is damage to the customer by BeWorking without bad faith or serious recklessness or Should BeWorking be solely responsible for the damages caused by the guilt of a service provider.
10.2 BeWorking is not responsible for the deficiencies of the services in which BeWorkings only acts as an intermediary and which have clearly been declared as third party benefits.
11. Statute of limitation, prohibition of assignment
11.1 Your economic claims against BeWorking, regardless of their legal nature, are barred one year after the end of the stay. Particular mention should be made of those relating to non-compliance with pre- and post-contractual obligations, as well as contractual obligations.
12. Other provisions
12.1 If any of these provisions is inoperative, all other provisions remain in force. The contract understood as a set maintains its effectiveness.
12.2 For lawsuits that have as object this contract, only the legal provisions of Spain will apply.
12.3 The customer may sue BeWorking solely at its registered office. The claims that BeWorking is going to file with clients will take place at the domicile of those, unless the claim is directed against legal persons or natural persons who after the contract has been moved or domiciled or habitual residence abroad or whose domicile or Habitual residence is not known at the time the demand is filed. In these cases the court that corresponds is the address of BeWorking, the ordinary court of Malaga.




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