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BeWorking, a solution to the PTA problem

These long lines in which we miss a lot of hours driving day after day. And it is that nothing less than Spanish people spent of average almost 1 hour daily in going and returning to the work.



Ask the workers of the Technological Park of Andalusia (PTA), undoubtedly one of the worst situations of traffic jam that Malaga suffers. Hundreds of cars in the Guadalhorce highway where they can take more than 50 minutes, just leave the technology park. And if they are at peak times they cost more than double.


“Greater expense, pressure of time and stress”

There are 20,000 workers and as many neighbors from the neighborhood of Campanillas who go on a single road. As a neighbor of Campanilla explains “To leave our homes we have to look at the PTA schedule. “If we want to be at 6 pm in the center of Malaga we have to leave two hours early. This causes them greater expense, time pressure and great stress.


“BeWorkig Alternative: Proximity, comfort and ease”

Oficina BeWorking

Oficina BeWorking


From Beworking we believe that one of the key axes is the location for a business. Therefore, we value that our office was well located, a space with good access area, good connection and easy parking. Being this one of keys so that our BeWorkers can arrive with the greatest possible comfort, as well as for their clients and suppliers. We offer you, proximity, comfort and ease.

At BeWorking we give you the alternative and solution to avoid those constant traffic burdens, parking problems or difficult access. An office with 24 hour access, with free parking and good connection.  Do you want to come with us?



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