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Silvia Ortega, from Malaga and addicted to pilates

December arrives and our weekly interview is out. Today we chat with Silvia Ortega;)

Who is Silvia and what does she do?:  Silvia is from Malaga and she is in BeWorking working with the rest of moRentals team, since 2015. She is currently engaged in integrations and reservations (check-in / out, confirmations, payments, etc). Not only is it important to capture product, you also have to know where it can be distributed.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives: Patient, committed and authentic.

If you were not in touristic market, what would you have liked to do?: Psychologist. I studied business but first I join up to psychology. Someone told me that to study psychology it was better that I went to Granada and that’s why I changed the enrollment to business. Now when I look to the future, I think I would like to be writer or pilates instructor.

Favourite place in Malaga: I have many because I am a Malaga lover  but I really like the seaside of Antonio Banderas and Palo area, the downtown streets …

Of all the places in the world that you have visited, which one did you like or surprised more? Why ?: Sri Lanka, because I really realized that it takes very little to live there. When I retire I would love to spend time there.

A place you would like to visit: I have many destinations pending, but I would love to visit Havana.

Your favourite meal: I like everything, especially the lentils and the skewers.

A book that you liked a lot: Right now I am reading ‘When the sun rises’ by Megan Maxwell, but a book that I love is ‘Kites in the sky’ by Khaled Hosseini.

A film you would reccommend to everybody: ‘Eat, Love, Pray’, suggests many things to me.

Your hobby:  Pilates.

Which kind of music do you listen to: I love Vanesa Martín, but I also listen to current pop.

Something you’d like to do before you die: The road to Santiago.

Do you practice any sport?:  Pilates.

How do you take care of your mind?: I read the newspaper every morning to be updated, and every day I force myself to take stock of what I have done during the day, the positive, the negative and what I could have done better, I always try to balance.

Thanks for your interview Silvia!


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