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Santiago Ponce, a quick visit

Santiago Ponce

Last December Santiago came to work at our space, it has been a rather short visit because he lives in Zaragoza. But what is his visit due to? Keep reading!

Who is Santiago Ponce which is his job?

We could say that Santiago is a very versatile person. As we have said, he currently lives and works in Zaragoza, but he is from Malaga. Santiago works in consulting and web development, under his own brand Santi PM . He develops projects on the Internet, both personally and professionally, and he does it for customers all over the world. But not only that… He also does training. After training on platforms such as Udemi, tutellus, Tareas Plus, etc, he decided to create his own online training platform, Rails Course , focused on those who wish to learn the web development sector.

Wait, wait, we’re not done yet. In addition to the above, he also writes about technology, and he is about to publish his second book. The first one is “ Ruby on Rails Desarrollo práctico de aplicaciones web .

Why is he at BeWorking?

Santiago came to Malaga only for a month and needed a place to work. BeWorking was the space that most fit with his neccesities, especially for schedule freedom. The coworking model is something he really likes because it provides the opportunity to meet more people. They establish relationships, create opportunities and make your work known.

Have we already tell you that Santiago has a coworking?

Santiago works in his own coworking in Zaragoza, Coworking en Zaragoza , which he shares with two other partners. The idea came out similar to BeWorking. 3 people who needed a flexible space to work, then came out the idea of ​​a collaborative space, where more companies could work, and increase the possibilities of creating synergies and establishing relationships.

Which is his opinion about BeWorking?

“I have a very good opinion of this space. Good cooperation, help and collaboration. Without doubt when I return to Malaga if I need a space to work, I’ll stop by here,” Santiago tells us.

Yes, of course, here we will wait your visit!


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