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Do you know how much you will save in a shared space?

If you are looking for a place to work or classrooms to give your meetings or training. You may have the doubt that it is better for you if you rent an office on your own or a shared space.

From BeWorking we give you one of the main reasons why you have to choose a shared space: The reduction and saving of costs.

You will save the initial investment

Save the money you will have to make in the initial investment in infrastructure, furniture or documentation procedures.
In BeWorking you will not have to pay any initial investment.

You will not pay double monthly payment or deposit

Forget about paying the double monthly payment that the offices require you to pay in the legal bond and that you will have to deposit with the corresponding entity.

At BeWorking you won’t have to commit to a lease


You will not need a bank guarantee or deposits.

In some offices, in addition to the bond, the owner can request certain guarantees such as a bank guarantee or a complementary economic deposit.

At BeWorking we do not ask for any guarantee or deposits. You will only pay your monthly fee.

Ni costes ni alta de suministros

Do not waste time registering, or changing the ownership of the supply and the cost that these procedures may generate or in the event that they are new offices, you will have to register the basic services. In addition to all the monthly expenses that you will have to pay each month: Internet, Printer, Cleaning, Light and water, Alarm, Insurance, Maintenance

In BeWorking you will have all the maintenance costs included in the fees.

Without stays, stay as long as you need.


n a traditional office if you want to terminate the contract early you will have to cover the cost of the contract, paying the amount due during its duration or find someone to rent your office for you.

In BeWorking you will not have that problem, stay as long as you need, without paying any additional costs.

Undoubtedly, unlike your own office, a shared space makes cost savings easier, especially for the entrepreneur or companies that want to start their projects. If you decide on a shared office, you can see our office prices on our website or in our classrooms, prices without competition!


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