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Petros, musician and music producer


This week we interviewed Petros, a BeWorker that has been our Málaga coworking

Who are you and what do you do? .I’m Petros Sofocli. A musician and music producer who travels to the south right now.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives:: Ambitious, direct and responsible.

Favorite place of Málaga: Good question, I have not seen much. I would say the beach near the littoral park.

Of all the places in the world that you have visited, which one did you like or surprised the most? Why?

Bardenas Reales! Wow I did not know there’s such a place in Europe.

Your favorite dish:  Everything with Halloumi!

A series or movie that you would recommend to everyone:  Ghost in the shell.

A book that you would recommend: Autobiography of Tesla.

Your hobby:  Travel and create things in general.

Music you listen to: . Everything goes through my siphon.

What can you tell us about your time at BeWorking? : Was nice! Friendly co-workers and super fast Internet connection. I would recommend spending time here! And having access 24/7 is the best! Keep up the good work!


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