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When moRentals was installed in their new office office back in 2013, it was suggested that their workplace should be different. If we were to spend a lot of time here, working hard to launch our idea, the place should be a space where we felt comfortable and where we would not mind being a lot of hours. For this we got to work, and redecorated all space, from the floor to the ceiling. We wanted it to transmit light, tranquility, communication and collaboration. For this purpose we create open spaces, without barriers and full of white.

But we realized that we could go one step further and give access to other professionals who were looking for something similar. The idea was simple. We shared our place of work and in return we received the knowledge of these people. This way we started our shared office. The experience could not be better! Many people have come here, and somehow we have left something of them, whether a professional collaboration or personal experience. All those who are part of BeWorking  carry out their professional activities here, from day-a-day activities to meetings, reception of collaborators, etc.

Why do they choose BeWorking to work? They tell us that for them the main advantage is the dynamism that only in an open and flexible work space could find. In addition the swinging of other professionals in this space is very enriching and can feed back from experiences, information and news in several fields. Since BeWorking started to work many workers have passed through this space, both on the shared office  and on the meeting room. We could list many cases and different profiles of coworkers. People who comes to work for a month here, people looking for a place to meet sporadically, workers looking to rent space in the long term, etc.

For this reason and always thinking in our expansion, we have decide that this should be our growing way. Opening or being part of a coworking in those places where is our business. Our next stop is Galicia. We will keep you informed.

So if you are looking for the perfect accommodation for your holidays, you only have to click here www.mo-rentals.com With moRentals you can travel all aroun the world! Also if you are owner of a holiday home, moRentals can manage it for you! You can register and check all our advantages here here

As you can see BeWorking is a working space open to all proffesional types and enterprises. We aim you to come to BeWorking, meet us and check all our advantages by yourself. Do not wait more! 😉


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