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Matej, Co-founder and CTO of Splendid JOB

Matej, cofundador y CTO de Splendid JOB

Matej, cofundador y CTO de Splendid JOB

This week we interviewed Matej, a BeWorker that has been our Málaga coworking

Who are you and what do you do? I’m a passionate technology enthusiast and I love everything around it. I have this drive from my young age when I did take apart everything I had around me. Televisions, walkmans, toys, computers and many more. Nothing escaped my curiosity. This has strongly shaped my life path and I have become a hardware and software architect thanks to that.

Currently, I’m Co-founder and CTO of  Splendid JOB . We help companies to become the best employers and as a result, we bring back happiness and satisfaction to employees jobs. Aside from that, I build web applications for my clients.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives: Curious, passionate, smiley

Favorite place of Málaga: One hill from where you can see the whole city from above. It is also a little workout to get there. Really great spot for sunset watching.

Of all the places in the world that you have visited, which one did you like or surprised the most? Why?

The internet. You don’t normally think about it as a place, but the fact that it connects us all together and most of the human knowledge exists on it says the opposite. It brings opportunities to the most remote places. It allows you to have multiple friends around the world. You can learn everything you want on it. And it makes us all one big family – humans

Your favorite dish:  Beefsteak, medium rare, with a ton of vegetable salad and greek olive oil from Kalamata region

A series or movie that you would recommend to everyone: Our Planet from Netflix. It’s a stunning and beautifully filmed piece of art about our precious planet. It brings out the important topic of protecting, preserving and repairing our nature and climate for us, our children and all living species

A book that you would recommend: Autobiography of Tesla. Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World and Why Things Are Better Than You Think – by Hans Rosling. In the present day, we face threats like fake news, extremism, populism, and depression from negative news. This book brings the facts into the discussion and helps you get out of biased thinking based on invalid assumptions into critical thinking based on facts

Your hobby: Life means a constant movement for me. That is one of the reasons I love Acro Yoga (partner acrobatics) so much. You build trust with your partner, learn how to communicate and make a strong connection with each other. You do it outside on a fresh air most of the time which is great for your mind and body. I have met a lot of wonderful people thanks to that. I have a lot of acro friends in Prague and also I have met a very special person here in Málaga.

Music you listen to: I’m listening to the new single from AURORA – The Seed in which the author calls for action in a fight for our “Mother Earth” and gives an example through global student movement “School Strike for Climate“.

What can you tell us about your time at BeWorking? : I’m a productive machine here. The office helped me with a daily routine, separation of environments (home vs work), the super fast internet means I don’t have to wait. I have met a lot of friendly, kind and interesting people here. It is the best choice.


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