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Manu, teacher and founding partner of Audioguíame.

This time we spoke with Manu, a BeWorker who is in our coworking.

Who are you and what do you do? I’m Manuel Ángel Martínez. I am a teacher and founding partner of “Audioguíame”. It is a global platform, made up of a web page and application, which was born to serve all those centers, organizations, institutions and companies that want to create and manage their own 2.0 audio guides, and to offer them to their visitors or clients so that, they can listen to it in their mobile devices through our application.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives: Cheerful, creative and critical.

Favorite place of Málaga: Uff, just one is difficult: Baños del Carmen, varied bars and beach bars, Guadalmar beach, the CAC … My house!

Of all the places in the world that you have visited, which one did you like or surprised the most? Why?

The one that has brought me the most happiness was the town of my parents, where I had an indescribable childhood and adolescence, full of adventure and freedom. Then, everything else is a long way away, however, Extremadura, to continue in a closer environment, was really surprising. I didn’t expect it.

Your favorite dish: Noodle casserole … and prawns.

A series or movie that you would recommend to everyone: Uff, I’m a film lover, here I have it difficult: The wire, The Sopranos, The life of others, Wishing to love, Against the wall… I could go on and on.

A book that you would recommend: La noche de los tiempos, by Muñoz Molina.

Your hobby: Listening to music, reading, watching movies, traveling, eating… They are typical, but they are real.

Music you listen to: It’s so much … maybe if I tell you that my only radio station is Radio 3, whoever knows it will understand me.

What can you tell us about your time at BeWorking ?: Very good experience, I work very well here, it adapts to my needs and they have treated me very well


Thank you very much for your interview, Manu!

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