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Luis, a BeWorker from Granada, a computer engineer


This week we interview Luis who are in our office of  Coworking:

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Luis Castillo, I’m from Granada but I’ve been in Malaga for many years now. I work as a computer engineer for a company located in Mallorca, I am more focused on the analysis and programming of database in the financial part.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives: fussy, hardworking and dreamer

Rincón favorito de Málaga:

Cabopino It is a very nice environment to ride a bike along the wooden walkways.

Of all the places in the world that you have visited, which one did you like or surprised more? Why?:  

I have traveled a lot in the countries of the former Soviet Union. They are places with an incredible nature to discover, where it is not yet crowded by tourism. If you move away from the big cities, it’s like going back to the 80s, traveling on old trains and trams. It is surprising to see such large streets, with a lot of space and very high-rise buildings in which when you enter it seems that you arrive at a neglected building almost in ruins I would say, but when you cross the entrance door of the apartment you find a modern house with all kinds of amenities. The people are very welcoming.

Your favorite dish:

My grandmother’s stew and my mother’s croquettes.

A series or film that you would recommend to everyone: 

Schindler’s list. I love the phrase “who saves a life saves the entire world”. Today there are no atrocities like the Holocaust, at least close to us, but there are homeless people or problems to feed their family. Unfortunately we are used to seeing that and seeing it as almost normal. We should never at least stop moving.

A book you would recommend: 

The saga of books written by Eduardo Mendoza that deals with a madman in an asylum. The books tell all the absurd adventures that happen to him and the many mysteries in which he is involved.

Your hobby: 

It is not a hobby that I can do very frequently, I love to ride sidecar in the countryside, in lost and little traveled places

Music that you listen to: : 

I listen to everything a bit from flamenco to pop.

What can you tell us about your visit to our offices in Coworking Malaga? : 

Nice to work in beworking. After more than 11 years working in the offices of a company, when I was offered a job to work remotely, I felt some concern about how it would be to adapt to this new way of working. Now that I’ve tried it, I wouldn’t change it for anything. For me, beworking has exceeded my expectations, very nice and very different people. Best of all, the morning talks as soon as you arrive with your companions that can be extended a lot, that moment in which you have not yet gone into work and you are still waking up with a coffee.

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Thank you very much for the interview Luis!



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