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This time we interview Linda who has been in our Coworking office:

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Linda. I am a Marketing Freelancer. Right now I am focusing on content marketing, I write content for companies like Amazon and others. I have worked in sports marketing too ..

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives:

Positive and cheerful but sometimes too critical, especially of myself.

Malaga’s favorite corner:

All the restaurants with good tapas that there are hahaha.

Of all the places in the world that you have visited, which one did you like or surprised more? Why?  

Ufff …. I would say Brazil. For the joy and positivity of the Brazilians.

Your favorite dish:

The meat. Apart from this, I love Mexican, Argentine and Thai cuisine. But I also love tapas. And the paella. Hahah I can’t choose, I really like food in general.

A series or film that you would recommend to everyone: 

It is a Dutch series, it is not known here. But internationally it would be How I met Your Mother and Friends. I also really liked La casa de papel and Las chicas del cable.

A book you would recommend:

Many books that I like have been written by Dutch. If you like to travel, I would recommend reading the book called ‘Streets of the World’ by Jeroen Swolfs, I think he has translated it into English as well.

Your hobby:

I like to travel. It is my biggest hobby. I like to know new places, other languages, food, culture, people, everything. I am always looking for new stories of interesting people who can tell me something about their country, their culture, to learn more and more and enjoy the beautiful things that the world offers.

Music that you listen to: 

Spanish music (for example everything they play in the top 40), electronic musicals, jazz and Dutch music. I also like Brazilian music although I don’t understand everything they sing.

What can you tell us about your visit to our offices in Coworking Malaga

I liked it a lot. For me, BeWorking is a very beautiful place, where it is not difficult to find people who are in the same ‘vibe’ as you. There are many nice people, with whom you can brainstorm about your work, or other things in life. I really like the atmosphere. I have worked a lot there, it is a perfect combination of people who work very hard but are also looking for a chat to share their thoughts etc. I 100% recommend this place!


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Thank you very much for the interview Linda!



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