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Ivan Palma, a short visit to BeWorking

Ivan Palma BeWorking

A few weeks ago at BeWorking, we received the visit of Ivan Palma, a BeWorker who came to work for a short time in Malaga. It was a rather short stay, because the headquarters of his company is in Madrid. Do you want to know more about him? Keep reading

Who is Iván Palma?

Iván Palma is founder of Palma MKT and at the same time he is part of the work team in his company, located in Madrid. This company manage everything related to branding, digital marketing, graphic design, advertising and WordPress web development. Palma MKT was born with the idea of ​​going back to the basics: Working with a handful of talented people and maintaining honest relationships, well-focused ideas and well thought out strategies. In Palma MKT they make a great effort to create better experiences, smarter solutions and more attractive brands through a meticulous work.

Iván was born, grew up and did part of his studies in Malaga. After a professional career full of experiences and working for big brands both in Spain and abroad, he decided return to his native Malaga. His objective is to establish here his company and being able to work in a city like Malaga, improving his quality of life. He want to implant his knowledge and business philosophy in Malaga. He also tells us that there are a lot of young people here with a lot of training and talent, which can benefit and form a good team.

Why does he have visited BeWorking?

The main reason for his visit is his stay in Malaga, he came to the city to spend a few days, not precisely on vacation ;), and he needed a working space with a good atmosphere, adequate facilities and a good Internet connection and he found everything in BeWorking!

What does he think about BeWorking?

He tells us that it is his first time in a coworking space since for him and his company it would be very difficult to be in such a space. At his company all the team members need to be in continuous communication, so they need a space where they do not disturb others. About his experience in BeWorking, he affirms that it has been very positive. He has found a good working environment and believes that it is a good place to enrich with others knowledge.

A very interesting visit, without doubt!


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