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Irene- El día de la novia

Irene Nevado arrived from Rincón de la Victoria to BeWorking a few months ago. A girl with very clear ideas and immersed in a very interesting business sector. Do you want to know more? Keep reading

Who is Irene Nevado?

Irene Nevado is a young businesswoman, who, as we have already said, comes from Rincon de la Victoria. She is the founder, along with her partner, of El Día de la novia, a company dedicated to weddings organization. Irene is wedding planner & designer, but what does it is? Is the person who is in charge of organizing even the smallest detail for a wedding. The organization for such an important day is stressful and requires a lot of work and time for the couple and their family. “It’s a special day, in which groom and bride are nervous, also family members. The organization is not compatible with enjoy 100% your wedding day. For this reason we are there, to make sure that everything is perfect and that everyone is happy and relaxed, and the most important thing, that everybody enjoys the day”.

Why is Irene at BeWorking?

For her, as for most mortals, working from home is something unproductive. She prefers to work in a space like BeWorking, since here she finds a better working environment, it is a comfortable and profitable space. She comes, works, conects with other people and separates her work life from personal life. “It’s like you go to an office every day, it’s more productive.”

What does she like more of a coworking?

Working in a coworking has many advantages. The idea of ​​not working alone and being able to be in contact with more people is one of them. You can create synergies, collaborations, meet other people outside the events sector, you can publish the company, etc. “You always find other professionals who can help you with something and vice versa, someone from the coworkers might be interested in some of the services we offer.”

Which is her opinion about BeWorking?

Irene tells us that to her, BeWorking is a comfortable, bright, productive and economical place. It is also very useful for her work and to create collaborations, and to advertise her services as wedding planner.

We leave your with the presentation of El día de la novia very original!



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