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In the era of the collaborative economy, flexibility, and nomadism, coworking grows as a result of changing needs.

Coworking involves sharing a workspace, but coworkers are also attracted with the idea of working in a collaborative environment. This trend attracts mainly freelancers and entrepreneurs since it implies a flexibility in the costs of the workspace while being in an innovative and stimulating work environment.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, we can work remotely, which allows greater freedom to work from anywhere in the world. This makes the concept of coworking in a hotel really useful and revolutionary. Who has not worked with the laptop in the reception or bar of a hotel?

The coworking in hotel responds to a new need of the clients, given that the majority of their clients arrive through business trips. In addition, hotels already have everything a working space needs; Wi-Fi connection, printer, water, drink, plugs, etc. In many hotels the coworking space is installed in places with little use, such as the restaurant, once breakfast is served, everything is collected and that space is assigned to the work area.

In this space, users, besides being able to enjoy the advantages of a coworking, can also enjoy the services of a hotel. The idea is simple, create coworking spaces that can be used for one or more days, in hotels, especially hotels near airports, stations, etc. Where business travelers spend a lot of time and need a space to work those hours.


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