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New project: Free space for unemployed

At BeWorking we take another step. It is very good to talk about all synergies and interesting things that can be generated in a coworking space. But we wanted to go further, so we thought about our origins, the origins of BeWorking.

When this project started, we were unemployed who had just left a company. We had nothing, except a big illusion. It was a difficult time. And even more difficult was finding a place to support us to start our new adventure. I can assure you, when we had the office, it was better than being at home. It was the first time that we started to believe in our project. If you have not lived it, is difficult for you to understand it.

Now, before the end of the year, we start with our third space. Clearly our concept is a shared workspace. And from there we can call the space what we want, coworking, shared office … But the reality is that what we want to create is a new concept, a feeling of possession. Everyone here can feel it. It is our office, a space that we share and where we also have fun.

But why do we tell you all this? Returning to the beginning of our project, at that time we did not find enough support, we know that undertaking is difficult and that is why … We are going to create 2 free positions for people who are starting and who can not afford a place to start their project. We have already hosted the first 5 entrepreneurs. 5 guys just out of college, and they had to go from house to house, from coffe shop to coffe shop, looking for an Internet connection. At BeWorking we offer you a quiet place where you can dream and build your ideas.

If we can, we will also give you a little bit of our experience, we will help you with procedures, with business plans, management, relationship with the administrations, etc.

So you know, if you are unemployed, come and see us. Surely we can help you!


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