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Fabrizio, a BeWorker digital entrepreneur


This week we interview Fabrizio  who is in our office of Coworking:

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a digital entrepreneur who manages different online businesses. In particular, I am the owner of a content marketing agency (www.menford.com), of a consultancy that helps the company adapt it’s business and equipment with the tools of remote work, and with my partner, we also have an Online sports newspaper network quite famous in Italy.

Our company philosophy is based entirely on remote work, in fact, we do not have an office and our team is made up of people working from 11 countries on 3 different continents.


Describe yourself with 3 adjectives: Mmm …. Next question? Hahaha

A favorite corner of Malaga:

Eating fish by the sea in Pedregalejo, is one of the things I like most about this beautiful city

Of all the places in the world that you have visited, which one did you like or surprised more? Why?:

With the work and life of a digital nomad I do, I was lucky enough to travel and especially to live in many countries. It would not be correct to say one that I liked the most because I really had good experiences in all of them. Anyway, two countries that usually are not usually on the top of the lists and whose advice to visit are Chile because it has an incredible nature, and Turkey because it has so much to offer than just Istanbul. Then, the South Italy Council that weighs that it is not a country, but it is an area that yes or yes, anyone has to visit in life because it offers monuments, food, and simply wonderful products.

Your favorite dish: 

The pizza, of course 🙂

A series or film that you would recommend to everyone: 

Series: How I Met Your Mother.

Peli: as a child ET the alien, and as an adult, I don’t know which one to choose … Better then stay alone with that of a child.

A book you would recommend: 

The invisible cities of Italo Calvino, to also travel with fantasy..

Your hobby: 

First I would say to travel that but it is more a passion and a necessity than a hobby. In the second place, I would say play squash and a few months ago I started dancing Latin dances. Finally, football, with my team Inter Milan, which is 10 years where every Sunday they harm our health, but we want it the same.

Music that you listen to: 

Of everything.

What can you tell us about your visit to our offices in Coworking Malaga? : 

Nice place, very loving staff, and a very good atmosphere. Surely it was a good decision to start going to work there, anyone would feel comfortable in such a nice place.


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Thank you very much for the Fabrizio interview!



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