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Digital nomad, new tourists looking for coworking and wifi

Being a digital nomad is fashionable, you travel the world with your laptop working and living where you want in search of a different life. This has meant a new tourist niche for some tourist destinations.

Joven Nomada Digtal


“Digital nomad, new tourists looking for coworking and wifi”

But what are really the digital nomads? They tend to be independent professionals and entrepreneurs specialized in new technologies or marketing. They can work from anywhere remotely simply with an internet connection and a laptop.

Their physical places of work are usually coworking spaces and after their stay they look for another place where they have new opportunities and experiences. When looking for accommodation, digital nomads turn to both Airbnb (56%) and OTAs (55%) and book their flights online (85%).


Nomada digital viajando


“Your average stay in Spain is greater than the rest, an average two or three months”

These “remote workers” have an average time of stay in tourist destinations of two or three months on average, against, for example, the 8.8 days of stay of a tourist traveling for vacations. Assuming a new long-term tourist niche of some destinations, such as Malaga, Gran Canaria or Barcelona.

“That is why they generate a greater tourist income only in their stay, to which we must add the social and cultural bonds that they create in the destination, which make their spending higher in various economic sectors compared to the expense of a tourist who stays in a hotel during a short stay, “said the managing director of the Gran Canaria Tourist Board.


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