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Find out if your business is viable through an app

Test del algodón


Do you think your business idea can work? Do not you have it 100% clear? An application that predicts the success possibilities of your business idea has born, ‘El Test del Algodón‘. A totally free app, recommended for early stage entrepreneurs that exceeds 7500 downloads. With this app you can find out in a simple way if your business idea can become a viable project.

The app consists of 27 yes/no answer questions, obtaining a detailed report that helps to develop the project and to identify the areas in which it is necessary to go deeper. The application includes 6 areas of analysis:

  • Personal analysis: Questions focused on situation, abilities and personal skills.
  • Business idea analysis: Questions to ensure the validity of the idea and if it arrives at the right time.
  • Market analysis: Questions to corroborate that there is a market for this idea.
  • Product analysis: Questions focused on product knowledge, from materials to production cost.
  • Customers analysis: Do you know the target customer? Questions to know if you know everything and how to access them.
  • Economic analysis: Preguntas enfocadas en la parte económica y financiera del proyecto.

It is important to note that this app does not make a business plan, solve problems or do feasibility studies. It simply makes us reflect on the business idea to see if we can give the project a green light, if the idea is adapted to the market, if the products are suitable, etc. Reflecting on these areas is key before running a business because:

Although the idea is very good, if the person behind is not the right one, it will fail.

Although the idea is very good, if it does not fit the moment and the market, it will fail.

Although the idea is very good, if customers are not willing to pay for it, it will fail.

Although the idea is very good, if we do not have the right funding, it will fail.


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