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Blue Jay, a programming startup


Last week in BeWorking we received Blue Jay guys. It is a newly created company at European level, formed by partners from Spain and the Netherlands. One of the partners of the company is Jose (the first one on the right in the image), the other two guys are the first employees of the company since until now they had only worked with freelancers.

Blue Jay is dedicated to making web pages mainly, but also mobile applications, server things, etc. The main difference of this company are their customers, 99% are NGOs or social enterprises, so in the end the result is very different.

Currently, everyone works from home, but they tell us that the idea is, once they expand the workforce a little, to work, 2 or 3 days a week in the office, and the rest at home. That’s why they came to BeWorking, to put ideas in common, to explain to the new members the process, guidelines and operation of the company, etc.

Thank you very much for having had BeWorking again!


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