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Why become freelance? Why not?

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Each day is more common to meet freelance workers. It is due to the advance of technology and a greater flexibility of companies among other things. In addition companies are becoming more likely to hire remote workers, especially in areas such as web design, programming, SEO, social network management, etc. In the United States there are already 35% of freelance workers!

If you are thinking about becoming freelance, from home or from a shared office such BeWorking, you should know these advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of being freelance

  • You establish your own schedule: Estableces tus propios horarios: Although you must reach deadlines, you can work during your most productive hours. You will have more flexibility and it will be easy to balance personal life and work.
  • You manage your own projects: You are your own boss, so you can decide in wich projects you want to work or not.
  • Mobility: It is not necessary to live only in one place, you can ever travel around the world while working. You only need your computer and Internet conection.

Disadvantages of being freelance

  • Tax burdens and bureaucracy: Freelancers in Spain have to pay high taxes, as well as their own Social Security and they have worse medical coverage.
  • Lower economic stability: Apart from high expenses, freelancers do not have a fixed salary each month. Incomes and expenses are variable, it affects to life level and stability.
  • Non-payment: It is very common for customers to delay payment, and from time to time you will have to deal with defaulting customers. In this case you can set an automatic surcharge of 20% for late invoices.




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