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A little more than a year ago, Badreddine Agrandi first came to BeWorking, he liked the experience and later he came back. Now he has been in the office for about three months, but who is Badreddine and what does he do?

Who is Badreddine Agrandi?

Badreddine is Geomatics and Topography Engineer and he is part of Geoingenium , he and many other professionals belonging to this company work autonomously. They work in topography studies, give technical assistance in works and they are specialists in Geographic Information Systems (SIG). They also offer civil engineering, urban planning and building services, through collaborations between several engineers.

After living abroad, Badreddine decided to come back to Spain, in this case to Malaga, to take a master’s degree. One of the reasons why he chose to come to Malaga is that he believes it is an area with too much future. So he decided to set up his company here. “Malaga is a strategic point to work at national and international level, because of its proximity to African continent. The African market is a very interesting market and with future for engineers. It is also a city very well connected with European countries, Malaga has airport, shipping, etc.” He tells us.

What does he think that is the best part of working in a coworking? 

It’s his first experience in a shared office, so he can not compare BeWorking with other spaces. But for Badreddine, working in a coworking means a different work environment, an air of collaboration. It is a place where you can count on other professionals and establish personal and professional relationships. In addition, this collaborative environment allows you help others with your knowledge and things you do that may be interesting or beneficial to others.

Why is he at BeWorking? What he likes most about being here?

Mainly what moved him to come to BeWorking is that it is a place where you can work and receive customer visits. From the beginning he liked the space, the way he was received, conditions, etc. It is a different space, with a breakthrough working dynamics with the traditional. “Not only do we share the space here, we also work together. The best thing is that you can count on the BeWorking team at all times and for anything.”


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