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Antonio Blanco techie and Harry Potter fan

Antonio Blanco

This week we speak with Antonio Blanco, a BeWorker who is about to start a new project.

Who is Antonio and what does he do?: Antonio Blanco is Computer Engineer and during last 10 years he has been developing WordPress plugins and websites. Now he is going to start a new project in Madrid.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives: Good person, restless and hard worker. 

If you had not worked as techie, what would you have liked to do?: I would have loved to study and devote myself to aeronautics, aircraft design.

Favourite place of Malaga: My home.

Of all the places in the world that you have visited, which one did you liked or surprised more? Why ?: Gante, in Belgium, because I did not expect such a place. I was going to Bruges and someone recommended us to visit Gante and when I saw it I loved it!

A place you would like to visit: New York.

Your favourite meal: Lasagna.

A book that you have liked a lot: Usually most of the books I read are technical, but I’m a Harry Potter lover.

Film or series you would recommend to everybody: A series that I always recommend is ‘Prison Break’ and the movie ‘Operation Swordfish’.

Your hobby: Programming, I love it.  I also like to play the saxophone, before I played in La Paz band but now due to the lack of time I had to leave it.

Music you listen to: Everything, but I like the odd songs, of those that nobody listens. There would have to be an option in Spotify of the least listened songs and those are the ones that I like.

Something you would like to do before dying: I don’t like to plan a lot… Before dying what I want is to live a lot.

Do you practice any sport? Which one?: When I have free time I like to ride a bike, some time ago I used to running but now I can’t do it because I have problems in the knee, so now I go for a walk.

How do you take care of your mind?: I try to clear my mind during weekends, going to my village or meeting with some frinds for a beer, that’s works!

¡Thanks for your interview and good luck in your new career!


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